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2021 Summer Schedule
5/2/21 Royals Club
5/18/21 Pub Club
5/19/21 36th Annual TC Challenge League
5/20/21 Bobby Jackson’s Bracket Madness Tournament League

5/2/21 Kansas City Open – Youth
Turnt Up Tourney (closed to public)



For pros looking to refine their technique or a competitive group looking to challenge friends, the myShot spare trainer allows the bowler to pick a pattern and repeat attempts.  Pick a pattern or set your own challenging pins!!

Choose from 20 patterns including: Full House, Fence, Wall, Bucket, Sleeper, Washout, Baby Split, Greek Church, Goal Posts, Dime Store, Big Four, Lily, Pine Tree and Grandma’s Teeth




We are a non-smoking facility

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Blue Moon Lounge

Live Entertainment on weekends. Also available for Private Parties ~